Dropping React Native development?

In the year 2020 we developed an app with React Native and it happened to be a quick work with decent quick results.
We had our client delivered with an initial App for his new business idea within 2-3 months and with some improvements it was out within 4-5 months.
it was all great and clear until we started adding some additional features and started to get some Configuration issues as iOS and Android started speeding up their Operation system releases.
Few moths ago (march 2024) we analyzed and figured that about 50%-60% of our app development actually went into figuring out how to run our app with combination of newest ReactNative, xCode and newest iOS and Android Systems. Not to mention that some of the NPM packages we used turned being unsupported and not fast enough to adapt to the requirements defined by the latest iOS and Android operation system.
After spending hours and hours thinking how incapable we are to resolve simple App Code issues, it made us think weather we are really being incapable or other developers experience similar issues?!

Research begun:

Initially I became aware of the Redit and then landed on following articles:

It is a hard release to drop this but It seems like unless React Native really starts doing it’s job correctly, we need to consider leaving this ship along with others who care about developer happiness.

What next?

Well, not sure, we are still evaluating weather to go with Flutter or to start jumping on Kotlin and Swift and start doing the real thinking down the road. What are your thoughts, is there any other developer struggling with this in the past, and switched from React Native to something else. If so, what are the options and what do you guys recommend?