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You bring the idea, we provide the Know-How to bring it to life. Let's create the best customer experience for your web and mobile app users, together!
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Digital Berater

Web App & Integration widget

Guide your customers to the right product with just few clicks! You can embed this app into any App ther accepts HTML input. Build it, save it, embed it and customize the look according to your CI.

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Screenshots PrayON

PrayOn App

Mobile App (iOS & Android) & Website

Bring your daily prayer life to the next level! This app helpy sou organize your prayer book. Share prayer requests with your friends and family and create prayer reminders.

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Ratepay Development

Web Development & UX Design

When the customer order gets stuck or lost, Ratepay provides a Dispute Management UI to save the day. We supported Ratepay team with UX Design & Development services to create easy to use Web app, and get the orders to their final destination.

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React Cheat Sheet

React Cheat Sheet

Inheriting Methods & Properties

When creating a new Class you can inherit and use the properties and methods from the parent Class with calling super();…

SCRUM events and their meanings

SCRUM events and their meanings

Hello there, I bet you already heard of SCRUM / Agile development and you might wonder what kind of benefit it actually brings. Well, It…

Requirement Engineering

Requirement Engineering

Almost every potential client that came to me from the start of my career, had a great idea about how to make this world a…